Interview: Rebecca Hatch by Danielle Farrugia

We took five with Campbelltown local, Rebecca Hatch off the back of her latest release “Brown Girl Chronicles'“.

C-A-C: Congratulations on the release of “Brown Girl Chronicles”. How does it feel to have the track out there?

RH: It feels so good to finally put some music out after a while! I love being able to share apart of my story with my audience and overall the track is just a vibe!

 C-A-C: Can you tell us about the story behind “Brown Girl Chronicles”?

RH: Brown Girl Chronicles was written by me about my experience of being a brown girl in the music industry and the experiences I had with tokenism. It was produced by Willstah, Solo and mixed by DjSabio. For me Brown Girl Chronicles holds a story which I found was important to share.

C-A-C: You performed at Bigsound 2019, what was that like for you?

RH: Bigsound was such a crazy experience!! Being able to have a platform to showcase my art was so dope! A big shout out to everyone in my Bigsound crew, it was my first ever live performance with a band! It was so dope to also meet and connect with so many talented individuals.

 C-A-C: What did you take out of Bigsound?

 RH: From Bigsound I took performing and networking skills! As well as new connections!

 C-A-C: Do you have any rituals before you get on stage? How do you prepare for a performance?

RH: Before a performance I make sure my set is tight and warm up my vocals. If I feel prepared it’s easy for me to go up and smash out a show!

 C-A-C: Where is your dream venue to perform at?

RH: To be able to perform at somewhere like Qudos Bank arena one day would be crazy!!

 C-A-C: How was your trip to LA earlier this year, what did you get up to over there?

RH: I was making music and sight seeing! LA is such a dope place to be!

 C-A-C: You recently went back to your high school, Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, working with current students. One year out of high school, how did that feel for you?

 RH: It was such a good feeling to be able to go back and work with the students! Being able to go back and share my experiences and guide them was amazing.

 C-A-C: What advice would you give artists who are finishing up at school and hope to pursue a career in music?

RH: Your dreams are in reach. Stay authentic and tell your own story. You can pursue a career in music if you work hard!!

 C-A-C: What’s coming up next for you?

 RH: New music, new shows, new content! Stay ready.